“This workshop led me to understand new dimensions of Homeopathy.”

Review of the 2017 Summer Retreat ”Remedies from the Periodic Table” presented by Ellen Bench of Classical Homeopathic College

I was a student in the ”Remedies from the Periodic Table” Montana Retreat provided by Classical Homeopathic College in early June. Ellen Bench is a classy lady and a dedicated homeopath, so it was a great experience. I have worked with Ellen over the years since 1997 as a patient and a student. This workshop led me to understand new dimensions of homeopathy. The classes were very informational and stretched my mind. Randy and Ellen provided a 5-star facility with gourmet meals, mountain views, and a friendly atmosphere.

If you are a homeopath or homeopathic student who wants to expand your mind and have a great experience, I recommend you attend Ellen’s next Homeopathic Montana Retreat.

L.P. ~ Montana

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