Heartworm Free! – Read More!

We adopted our dog, Lady, in April 2016 from a local farm that found her. She had sad eyes, low energy, was covered in ticks, wiry coat; she was a sweetheart but not very warm or playful, nor would she come in the house (even near the door), and was simply a hot mess. After finding out she had heartworm at her first vet visit, the vet prescribed regular arsenic injections (with no promise of success), antibiotics, and a heartworm preventative (also arsenic-based).

I decided instead to use Homeopath Ellen’s Alternative Wormer remedy with Immune Detox, Alternative Immunizer, and Pro Health. I used them all to cover my bases and clean her up as best I can. She is now a completely different dog- bright-eyed, bubbly, playful, loving and affectionate, loves to be inside with us, and happy as can be with a shiny coat and … the best part… she now tests NEGATIVE FOR HEARTWORM.  I am so pleased with the results we got from using Homeopath Ellen’s all-natural, safe, and effective products.


S.Brooks – MS

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