International Travel Kit


These 20 remedies address ailments from poor water conditions, malaria, dengue fever and more! This is a carefully selected mix of Homeopath Ellen’s Turbo® combinations for travel in foreign countries.

Comes in a zipper wallet case.

A $350.00 value!

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Kit includes the following combos and remedies and should be used as follows:

Turbo® Bacterial Combo

Use for feeling illness is imminent. Maters not if condition of viral, fungal or bacterial origin. Includes the remedy Thuja, which is good for allergies too. May also work for sinus and bladder infections, if needed while away from home.  Repeat following acute instructions.

Turbo® Motion Sickness

Use for sea and motion sickness when dizzy, spinning, nauseated; especially upon lying down. This remedy may also be taken to prevent jet lag or to diminish it. Also for too much work and late nights that a dizzy, drunk exhaustion follows.

Turbo® Bug Bite Combo

For any re-hot swelling, stinging bug bite. Can use also like homeopathic anti-histamine for hives or general allergic reactions and effective for sun burn if hot and stinging.

Turbo® Travel Anxiety

Any fear or fright with anxiety-like fear of flying or trying something new. Also… cold symptoms resulting after caught in weather suddenly taking a chill when you say, “I knew I should have brought a sweater.”

Turbo® Injury Combo

Best remedy to heal and stop pain following any injury; car accident, head injury, fingers in the car door, broken bones, etc. Take 1 dose every 5 minutes 3 times in a row. Then every 15 minutes 3 times, then 3-5 times per day for 3 days.

Turbo® Air Pollution

Foreign countries have different pollution standards (if any). If you are feeling ill for unknown reasons like headachey or as if the flu, 1 dose 3 times a day may be helpful.

Turbo® Anti-Parasite

Anti-parasitic. Take daily to prevent parasites. Recommend for decreasing susceptability to bug bites, take Turbo Cell Salt Combo 2x daily. Also consider deodorized garlic and vitamin B. Take 1 dose daily up to 2 weeks before traveling.

Turbo® Stinging Insect Bites

For relief of pain and other reactions from stinging insects, including fire ants, scorpions, jellyfish, etc. More intense pain than relieved by Turbo® Bug Bite Combo.

Turbo® Sleeping Aid Combo

To assist in calming the body and mind for sleep. Helps with nerve tension of the sensation that you have drank too much coffee. Too wired to sleep. This remedy will be useful for sleeplessness due to overexcited, hearing every noise, or unusual lighting. It is also effective for mind busy or racing thoughts. Use before bed and again if awake to return to sleep. Note if thinking about work or you have an upset stomach from overindulgence, try Nux Vomica.

Turbo® Anti-Poisoning (Food/Water)

Relief for nausea, dry heaves, vomiting & diarrhea. Feeling poisoned. Great for dysentery and colic. “Montezuma’s Revenge”  -abdominal pain that makes you double over in pain, grabbing your belly while applying pressure. For sepsis, blood poisoning, infections not responding to other remedies. Foul, rotten odor. Spider or infected bug bites and fevers with rapid heartbeat.

Improved Mineral Absorption (contains 13 cell salts and more facilitators of trace mineral absorption)

This remedy effect is to boost your immunity and tenancity. It also helps to act to diminish the vulnerability of bugbites. Especially effective for you bug magnets!  Use 1 dose twice daily and stay empowered.

Protect Self  Combo 200c 

This remedy is for general defense of common bacteria notably Staph and Strep. This remedy is recommended before using public transportation where sharing limited spaces with other who may be ill.  Plane, train, bus, hospitals, classrooms, conferences, etc are potential treats.  This remedy may be used before travel once and once again  is you feel threatened.

Dengue Nosode  200c 

This remedy is for the defense of  dengue. Dengue is commonly occuring similiar to malaria (fever, chills, weakness) with extreme bone pain which in later years can be misdiagnosed as rheumatic arthritis.  Important to use for prevention of any tropical zones including Hawaii.

Malaria Nosode 200c 

This remedy is for the defense of malaria. May be used weekly  twice before travel, then one a week. Use  daily, if infection is active in your community living environment.

Tetanus Nosode 200c

This remedy is for the defense  of tetanus following a puncture wound or injury. Will also diminish pain of wound. Use with Turbo Injury Combo for accellerated healing.   Also great for a stiff neck or jaw soreness from clinching due to effects of conventional vaccine. For general protection before travel one dose. If injured 1 dose daily for 3 days.

Thyphoid 200c

This remedy is for the defense of thyphoid used weekly  twice before travel, then one a week. Use  daily, if infection is active in your community living environment my be increased to one daily until you leave the infected zone.

Yellow Fever 200c

This remedy should be used following a yellow fever vaccine (which is required for traveling to Africa). This remedy will help detox the ill effects of this toxic vaccine and continue to provide protection.

Hepatitis B & C 200c

Great for defense .Remember this exposure is from bodily fluids.  Remember saliva is a bodily fluid.  One dose before travel is recommended.

Nux Vomica 30c

Illness from dietary errors…too spicy, too rich, too much food. Any condition that feels like a hangover including the flu! Great for too much caffeine. Use for sick from vaccines or chemicals, if feel as if hungover. Remember this remedy immediately or as soon as possible following vaccines.

Veratrum A 30c

For when you can’t decide which end to put on the toilet!! Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time. Ice cold, chilled to the bone during a fever or menses.