Chronic Pain Relief and Sleep Disorders Class DVD


Resolve instead of medicate. This class discusses back pain, old injuries, slow healing, bone spurs, bunions, aching joints, and common sleep complaints, such as snoring, busy mind, interrupted sleep, and frequent urination and restless legs, etc. It also covers many solutions using remedies included in the Family I & II Kits.(Top 100 remedies you may also find at a well-stocked health food store.) Comes with a handy note taking guide.

Runtime: 128 Minutes


This  live class is discussing the homeopathic drug free  solutions to pain and sleep challenges using homeopathic remedies selected from the top 100 common remedies assembled in our Family 1 and 2 Kits.  These remedies are also may be purchased from our pharmacy individually and in most well equipted health food stores.

Pain is discussed by sensation like sharp, stabbing, ripping, tearing, twisted, burning and more. The goal is to identify the remedy solution.

Sleep discussion includes why sleep is impared: hearing every little nose, the full moon, can’t shut my mind off, frequent urination, waking at 3am and cant  go back to sleep… and many other issues which also identify the potential solution.  This class is fun and fast paced.

Consider watching Family 1 and 2 classes for other acute and chronic issues, dosing, and potency discussions.