Pro-Vitality Works!

Pro-Vitality is an essential formula to implement correct assimilation and implementation of minerals:

These 3 pictures show how our Remedi Animal Solutions® Pro-Vitality formula is essential for proper growth and development. Pro-Vitality formulas can even help correct problems before they become permanent in your animals.

This first picture is a 48-hour old filly born with a 15mm underbite.


Same filly at 13 days old after being treated with Remedi Animal Solutions® Pro-Vitality formula (H-3).  As you can see, the underbite is corrected naturally.

Below is a different foal that was not lucky enough to get treated with our Pro-Vitality formula. This foal is 7 months old.

Remedi Animal Solutions® Pro-Vitality formula’s are essential to help your animals implement minerals correctly for vital health and healthy growth!

Our Pro-Vitality formula is available for herd and commercial animals like cattle, sheep & goat, horse, llama & alpaca, swine, bison, poultry and even bee’s.

We offer this great formula for companion animals so you can keep your best friends healthy too!

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