Our Top 11 Frequently Asked Homeopathic Questions…
1. How do remedies work?
 Homeopathic remedies are considered to be an energetic medicine. The original natural substance has been so diluted (according to HPUS standards) that the only remains of the original substance are in the form of a measurable nano-dose (which can be seen in an MRI). This nano-dose is seen by the body as a stimulant or message to provoke the body to take action (to heal, repair, and balance itself). The further out of balance, the more complaints exist. (Like turning on the car starter, it sparks the fuel and gets up and running, then you can drive forward toward a destination.) The remedy’s job is to move you toward balance mentally and physically. Mental balance is uniquely affected in homeopathic healing. The origins of chronic disease are strongly influenced by the mental balance.  Example: Getting a letter from the IRS is followed by worry and loss of sleep, followed by the ulcer. So which came first: the mental or the physical? In children, winey and clingy precede the fever and vomiting, so healing includes relief of the mental symptoms (winey) as well as the physical (fever).  Remedies are not digested like food or vitamins; they message the brain to take action to heal. Remedies can be used for acute illness (like an injury, bites or shock) and chronic disease (like fibromyalgia, anxiety, irregular periods, allergies, ADHD, etc.)
2. I tried a remedy in the past and didn’t get results, why?
 Most common is that the remedy is the wrong one for you and your overall condition. The remedies are specific to you and the way your body expresses itself (mentally and physically). If you selected a remedy and tried it 3 times in a row and didn’t get any relief (like pain from an 8 down to a 5) then choose again. Once the remedy is effective, use as needed and discontinue when the ailment is resolved. If you are consulting with a professional without getting results- make contact to know the remedy’s intended use and the clinician’s intentions to determine if you’re not moving and healing appropriately. Often the remedy for chronic conditions is not working in an order you recognize. (Like sleep is better, anxiety is better, but indigestion is not yet.) Deep healing may have its own order. Communication is so important. We don’t give remedies to body parts, we give them to you!
3. When may I repeat my remedy?
 If you are self-medicating for acute conditions, as long as you are getting results repeat as needed until you are healed and pain free. If the remedy is ineffective discontinue its use, please. Chronic conditions (like stress) move you out of balance. Say you get a letter from the IRS. The stress of that letter = loss of sleep = over-tired = reduced immunity = relapses which move you away from balance. That’s the time to repeat the remedy and message the body to move back toward balance. Please call and schedule a follow-up appointment so I may help you manage this process. Follow up at least two or three times in the following month to ensure your remedy is helping you progress in the correct direction, and that you can also recognize your course forward. Health is empowerment, clear thinking, sound sleeping, being pain free, and contentment in your situation. Embrace it.
4. What is “antidote”? 
 Should you “antidote” the remedy, you are stopping the progress toward balance. Please abstain from camphor, menthol, eucalyptus and tea tree oil (which is camphorated). Products like Bengay, Vicks, Carmax, Altoids, mouthwash, etc. are medicines which penetrate. These are the only substances which antidote. If you can taste mild mint (super icy-hot products have menthol) from your toothpaste, don’t take the remedy until the flavor is gone. If you have antidoted your remedy, you know because your progress or the benefit of the remedy stalls. You may retake your remedy when the taste, smell or effect of the antidoting product is no longer active. Some conditions are aggravated by bad habits like excessive caffeine intake (insomnia, heart palpations, and indigestion) or a cannabis habit (low motivation, inability to finish tasks). We may be able to use a remedy for addictive behaviors keeping you from optimum progress, or to minimize your need to medicate.
5. What is an aggravation and what do you mean, “I might experience the return of old symptoms?”
 Disease energy weakens our body, mind and spirit.  As the body heals, it is returned to improved energy and vitality. If it “stores” disease, this diminishes vitality and leaves impaired function in the disordered parts. If you are not well since strep throat and the disease has settled in your kidney: to improve the kidney, the strep could return and the kidneys can then improve.  We can dilute the remedy during the aggravation (return of the sore throat) and then move it out as well.  The result is the undoing of the progressive disease process, improving overall health!  Not all symptoms return (or no one would be doing homeopathy!). Only the ones “stored”, which need to be removed, may ghost temporarily. You do not have to be miserable because we can dilute the remedy or use the appropriate acute remedy for the “stored” symptom when and if it resurfaces. The benefit of returning old symptoms is the spectacular return of vitality and the liberty of not medicating your body’s expression of that pain and misery! Managing chronic disease can be complicated and communication by follow-ups is recommended for proper management. Call and schedule the time needed. (406) 777-5875    Increased well-being is the desired result for all of us.
6. What is a dilution?
Diluting your remedy in water softens the message to balance. Its effect is gentle and easy to use. Take a bottle (the ones with sipper lids are the easiest) and drop in one pellet. Dissolve the pellet and shake the bottle well. Label the bottle with the remedy name. You may use this watered-down remedy for any irritation or unwanted symptoms in the first week to ten days. Take approximately one teaspoon of this water, swish it in your mouth and hold it for about ten seconds before swallowing. For intense aggravation you may take one teaspoon every five minutes for three times. If the symptom is not resolved, discontinue use, journal it and report it in your follow-up which should be approximately two to three weeks following your initial appointment.
7. I heard not to touch the remedies? 
 Because we are only using one pellet and we want nothing to contaminate the subtle remedy, we pour them into the lid to get just one. You can return the extra uncontaminated ones back into the container to maintain purity. Touching it for you or your child or your pet will not contaminate it. The goal is to keep them clean, not that your touch will damage the remedy (That’s a wive’s tale).
8. What about diet?
 The remedies will work despite your dietary habits, but they may not last as long.  If your main complaint was acid stomach which is aggravated by eating salsa, then salsa should be avoided until the body is balanced and the “hyper” sensitivity to it is reduced, then you may not be “irritated” by it later.  If you have liver disorder, drinking alcohol is aggravating your condition. The right remedy will reduce your desire by focusing on your addiction or self-destructive tendencies. After homeopathy you should have the willpower and less craving, allowing you to adhere to better dietary standards (which vary from patient to patient), helping you maintain improved health and vitality.  (Isn’t the destructive behavior the issue, not the tobacco or sugar? Let’s help that!)
9. Where do I put my remedies?
 Please store the remedies in a clothing drawer away from the odor and chemicals in your kitchen or bathroom.  Also temperatures above 140 degrees may be deactivating. So….avoid leaving them in a hot vehicle in the summer. I say if you won’t leave your dog in the car, don’t leave your remedies.
10. Are these remedies regulated somehow?
 All homeopathic remedies are considered “drugs” within the meaning of the United States Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and therefore are subject to the applicable USFDA regulations for labeling.  Homeopathy has its own official reference books which guide the preparation of homeopathic medicines. One of the most widely accepted is the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, often abbreviated HPUS.  It establishes standard procedures for the preparation, testing (proving), and handling of remedies as well as the many, varied substances used to make the remedies.  Remedies made by frequencies are not as effective or as long acting. They are not comparable to the HPUS products that we use.  Though they may cause some healing response, synthetically produced substances do not have the same healing qualities of HPUS products.
11. How do I travel with homeopathic remedies?
 Remedies are not damaged by going through scanners at the airports but the TSA regulation excludes requiring the remedies to go through the scanner. Put loose remedies in a clear plastic bag or your kit in a bag and request that they be hand checked. Remedies are exempt from being scanned. Be firm and patient and wait for them to figure it out. Sometimes they don’t know better.