Why Homeopathy Makes Sense

Montagnier’s new research is investigating the electromagnetic waves that he says emanate from the highly diluted DNA of various pathogens. Montagnier asserts, “What we have found is that DNA produces structural changes in water, which persist at very high dilutions, and which lead to resonant electromagnetic signals that we can measure. Not all DNA produces signals that we can detect with our device. The high-intensity signals come from bacterial and viral DNA.”

Montagnier affirms that these new observations will lead to novel treatments for many common chronic diseases, including but not limited to autism, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and multiple sclerosis.

Montagnier first wrote about his findings in 2009, (17) and then, in mid-2010, he spoke at a prestigious meeting of fellow Nobelists where he expressed interest in homeopathy and the implications of this system of medicine (Nobel laureate, 2010).

The late highly renowned Italian physicist, Emilio del Giudice, was one of the world’s experts on water and “coherent domain.” Mae-Wan ho summarized del Giudice’s contributions to understand why water is “the means, medium and message of life.” Ho describes coherent domains as “a reasonating cavity produced by the electromagnetic field that ends up trapping the field because the photon acquires an imanginary mass, so the frequency of the CD electromagnetic field becomes much smaller than the frequency fo the free field with the same wavelength (Ho, 2015).

Ho also asserts, “the coherent domainds (CDs) could also account for ‘memory of water’ in homeopathic remedies (see Chapeter 8 in Ho, 2012) and many other phenomena previously considered ‘occult’, including possibly the last article Emilio wrote, with his wife for Science in Society on the importance of quantum coherent phase information underlying the clinical practice of ‘butterfly touch.'”

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