To Anyone Considering Studying Homeopathy Under Ellen

To anyone considering studying Homeopathy under ELLEN FOWLER BENCH, D. HOM., H.M.C.

I have been studying various methods of alternative (to allopathic) healthcare for a few years and am familiar with the power of homeopathy. However, until recently I was not able to discern how to use homeopathic remedies unless prescribed to me by someone trained in homeopathy.

Then ELLEN FOWLER BENCH came into the area of Nebraska where I live and began instruction classes in the use of remedies. I initially took the “Introduction to Homeopathy for You and Your Family” class and was amazed at what I would be able to do for my family with just this one class. Soon after taking the class, I was able to use my purchased “Family Kit” of remedies to eradicate the pain of a broken thumb and pulled muscles using the Injury Combo remedy. With those first successes. I was eager to use other remedies – and had some confidence that I could affect positive results. I was able to repel insects by dispensing a single pellet before going outside. My husband was impressed that 1 could take away his joint pain that he gets whenever the barometric pressure changes. I was booked and hungry for more knowledge.

When I began the “Eight Weeks of Homeopathic Theory” class, I thought that these remedies were way beyond my scope of knowledge of the human body/mind. But I knew I could at least be more educated about the possibilities of keeping or regaining health via homeopathic treatment. I have learned more than I ever could have imagined in this class.

Then, because I am a rancher/rancher’s wife, 1 took a class from her on large animal health. I came home and used my knowledge gleaned from Ellen at that class on our barn cats for distemper-like symptoms and noticed immediate changes in the health of the cats. That intrigued my husband enough for him to suggest I try remedies on a steer and replacement heifer that were getting hoof rot. I used remedies I had gotten from Ellen (along with her suggestions of bow to administer them) and, again, noticed substantial success. I am planning to implement whole herd health with Ellen’s guidance.

I cannot express upon you enough that Ellen is a dynamic teacher. Her knowledge of homeopathy far exceeds that of anyone I have ever met – and her experience is invaluable. As you go through her classes, she is thorough in giving the facts of the remedies – but she also relates stories of her practice that give the remedies a personality that is easy to remember. Ellen has a dry, quick wit – and you’ll find yourself laughing during much of the class. Indeed, whether you are attending a two-hour or six-hour class, you will be amazed at how quickly the time passes – and will find yourself wanting her to continue relating her experiences.

During the classes, students naturally start to explain ailments they have or that friends or family members have. She consistently astounds you with her intuition as she relates other ailments or possible causes of the ailments that are so accurate that it often seems that she must already know the person being discussed.

Something that impresses me the most about Ellen’s teaching was her boundless patience as we students asked virtually the same questions over and over while we switched our thinking from allopathic practices to homeopathic practices. I have never, ever seen even a hint of frustration on her part. She also has the ability to teach at whatever level the student is at – a very rare talent to find among persons so learned in their field.

If you even think you would like to learn anything at all about homeopathy- and you have the good fortune of having ELLEN FOWLER BENCH as your teacher – I suggest that you do whatever you have to do to schedule as much time as possible as her student.

~Barbara Steskal, Nebraska

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