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I first heard about homeopathy from my mother-in-law’s friend. Ellen offered a class in Inman, Nebraska. I attended the first “family-kit” class and became fascinated in homeopathic approaches towards health and wellness. Ellen explained the history of homeopathy, the use of 48 various remedies and her initial encounter with homeopathy. She can definitely hold your attention.

After the first class I knew homeopathy would benefit each person in our family. The first person who had an initial consultation was my youngest son, who was having difficulty in school. He had difficulty concentrating and remaining still. I did not want to have a doctor prescribe medications for ADD, since there can be negative side effects. After Ellen spent 2 hours with him, she was able to pinpoint the perfect remedy for him. She made recommendations about specific behaviors, for example eye contact, which has been a tremendous help in everyday living. Ellen is knowledgeable about human behavior and the impact of a specific remedy for an individual.

The next person in my family who had an evaluation with Ellen was my husband. For three years he suffered from intense stomach bloating, abdominal discomfort, fatigue and a foggy mind. He had an endoscopy, an ultrasound for gallbladder, used prescription-strength medications for gastroenteritis, but nothing helped long-term. He completely stayed away from all dairy products, such as eggs, milk, and ice cream. He also limited his sugar intake. He tried various methods to get relief from the intense discomfort of bloating in his stomach and back. One evening he was having pains above his stomach and under his chest. I gave him a remedy out of the family kit and within 90 seconds, the pain was completely gone. We schedules an appointment with Ellen right away. After a couple of hours, Ellen gave him the correct remedy. Several days later my husband had an overall feeling of wellness, so he tried an egg. He had absolutely no discomfort or bloating after the egg. He eats everything now, without problems. He also had plantar fasciitis on his heel and that has improved 100%. Ellen gave him the right combination of remedies to fit his particular needs and his health is SIGNIFICANTLY improved. We’re all completely amazed.

I was the next person to see Ellen for an evaluation. I’ve had allergies since I was four. The first memory I have from allergies stems from cat dander. I’m also allergic to grass, pollen, mold, etc. After a couple of hours, Ellen chose a remedy for me in her office. Within the minute I could feel “movement.” That’s the only word I can think of to describe the feeling after taking the remedy. She asked if it felt like “buzzing” and I replied, “Yes, that’s even a better word to describe the feeling.” I have slept with the windows open in the summer, which is something I never do. I have weeded landscaped areas in our yard, which always produces allergic reactions and have had no serious allergic irritation. I follow Ellen’s instruction by using the remedy in water and that takes away any slight irritation. I’m not using decongestants or anti-histamines that have side effects. I’m looking forward to being rid of all sinus issues associated with allergies.

My oldest son plays baseball and after pitching he injured his elbow area. Normally, this type of injury take a couple of weeks to heal. After using the recommended remedy combination that Ellen has available, his arm was back to normal within 3 ½ days.

Homeopathic approaches to healthcare, in my opinion, should be utilized in acute and chronic conditions. A classical homeopath like Ellen can pinpoint the correct remedy to meet the physical and mental needs of an individual. She has a vast knowledge of the remedies and an intuitive sense about human behavior.

~ D. Litz, Nebraska


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