Protocol Recommendations for Remedy Use

March 2016

Homeopathy is very individualistic in its approach to address the person and their own responsiveness.  Individualistic also based on the condition or dilemma as it may be a crisis or nagging. I will attempt to create a standard by which you can base your decisions allowing for flexibility based on the situation presenting.

The suggestions which follow include both acute, chronic and prophylaxis approaches.

Potency: Most remedies provided in our kits are 30 or 200c. The action of the remedy is generally deep and fast acting compared to potencies of lesser numbers like 6 or 12. Instructions that appear on combination remedies should be followed unless the urgency differs from the depiction below.

Acute: is commonly known as sudden and short in duration but I believe more accurately represented by origin. Acute protocol will be a response of harm from the outside of the body. Examples from the outside are a burn from a hot stove, or bug bite or broken bone. Pain relief and promoting the healing process can be pushed hard and fast. One pellet or spritz is one dose. Using multiple doses in succession (1 every 5 minutes 3 times in a row) is far more efficient than 3 or more at one time.

Assess condition and intensity. If the patient can speak what is the pain level from 1-10 or (If a child or non-verbal patient) assess yourself making note of the status. Use 1 dose every 5 minutes 3 times in a row then reassess pain or intensity level. If the remedy is helpful continue one every 20 min 3 times and reassess again. If no progress has been established, select another formula & be mindful that a remedy may be effective for one child while not another; as the remedy acts on the vital force and not on the injury or ailment. For a burn or bug bite often the 3 doses are enough to solve the intensity/trauma of the situation. If necessary the remedy can be used to facilitate healing over the next few days or week by using the remedy 3-5 times a day following the initial crisis management. Discontinue use when the healing is complete or pain-free status is achieved. Exceptions include a broken bone which may be pain free in 1 week but need an additional week or 2 to complete the bone mending.

Chronic: is commonly referred to as a long-lasting complaint. I would like to expand the concept to “from within.”

A tendency to a cough or sore throat after exposure to cold, difficulty breathing going up the stairs, knee pain since an old injury, allergies in the season are “from within.” Whiney and clingy when feeling a cold or flu coming on is the person’s nature or constitution. Many behavioral complaints are chronic including opinions. Example of opinion is “it is always my fault,” ‘it’s not fair,” I’m ugly, dumb, or I always get left out.” Remedies when used to reduce negative feelings, fears, and anxiety work as effectively as other forms of dis-ease. Often the first sign of effective prescribing is a shift of attitude like less droopy or clingy followed by the sinus infection improvement. The sign of improvement in an infection will be less stuffy, good drainage, mucus from green to yellow or clear in 48 hours or less. Pain of a herpes outbreak can be treated like an acute 3 times in a row to diminish the pain while working deep to diminish the recurrence of outbreaks. Most ailments start with a situation which weakens us like stress. If you know the feeling of stress, select the remedy for the emotion and not the headache; which is manifesting from stress which will produce superior results.

Note that healing of an ailment like the flu usually starts with malaise, then headache and a fever. If the remedy is used effectively at this point, the illness will cease. If treated with Tylenol to suppress it, it will go down to sore throat and when suppressed again; it will travel down into the chest, vomit or diarrhea will follow as the body fights from deeper and deeper levels. When you use a remedy, it should head up and in reverse order to comfort you that you’re going in the right direction. If you cover up a rash or skin eruption with steroids you have to wonder where it went. You will get it back or, worse, it could become asthma next time you’re weak. That is not healthier, it is disease deeper. Health with homeopathy is facilitating the disease exit, not store it up for additional recurrence. Health history is significant. Old problems previously covered up could show up and not be recognized as such. I hope you supply a detailed list of previously treated ailments.

Next tip is to always use the last remedy which worked for any given situation. Example: if Phos helped with a sore throat, then it may be indicated for a stomach ache also. The logic is: the vital force (brain/nervous system) recognized the message to heal. It should recognize the healing message again.

Homeopathic Prophylaxis is the use of a remedy called a nosode (made from disease material) to prevent infectious disease. This process of prevention has 100-plus years of 95% effectiveness. To start, I would use the remedy named for the disease threats of concern – weekly for 3 weeks prior to leaving the states. For any active threats on arrival like Malaria, continue to use weekly until threat passes. Discontinue in the dry season and resume when feel threatened again. Note: After the kids and you get acclimated after a year it may be possible to use less. If ill, select the remedy by the way it manifests, not its name for increased success.

Important if you medicate too hard, provoking a too-intense reaction: take one pellet or spritz of the product you are using and put in a bottle ½ full of water. Shake and pound it vigorously on your hand and use one swig (1 tsp) to diminish the intensity of the remedy message, while continuing to heal. The remedy may be continued in this diluted form going forward or stop it altogether.

Turbo combo products have use instructions on the containers and are available on our website: Most guidelines are generalities. Consider professional help or conventional medical services should the course of treatment be deficient.

Best of health to you and your family!

In service,
Ellen Bench