Pregnancy, Childbirth and Newborns Kit


Great for expectant mothers and midwives! 20 remedies and Homeopath Ellen’s Turbo® combos for both mother and baby to help pregnancy and the birthing process run smoothly. This handy kit can be an extra page to fit in the Family Kit or a separate wallet case for your birth or diaper bag.

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This kit includes: (DVD Live Class Also Available)

  1. Baby Birth Trauma – for head injuries from forceps or suction
  2. Blue Baby Combo – for low APGAR score, difficulty getting air
  3. Cell Salt Combo 13 – for maximizing prenatal supplements
  4. Childbirth Combo – for encouraging a smoother birth process
  5. Heart Burn Relief – for minimizing indigestion/acid
  6. Hemorrhoid Combo – for hemorrhoid, hip pains, and varicose veins
  7. Injury Combo – for any trauma, fall, injury or birth process
  8. Mastitis Combo – for pain, swelling, bleeding, infection
  9. More Milk Combo – for encouraging normal supply
  10. Morning Sickness – don’t get dehydrated. Keep the fluids up.
  11. Overwhelmed Mom – use with Cell Salts & Heavenly Sleep Tonic
  12. Positioning Baby – for attempting correction of breech position
  13. Propel/Push Helper – for facilitating effective pushing
  14. Sluggish Progression – for slow-to-dilate or progress labor
  15. Thrush/Yeast Relief – for yeast infections in mom, thrush in baby
  16. Toxemia Combo – for swelling and raising bp. See your doctor
  17. Water Retention – for swelling (without toxemia)
  18. Weaning Base – for minimizing stress of weaning issues
  19. Womb Cleaner Combo – following miscarriage for afterbirth to prevent need of a D&C or PETOCIN to clean afterbirth [Note: Pitocin drug has side effects which include reflux in babies. Schedule a follow-up appointment to diminish side effects of birthing for mom and baby.]
  20. Umbilical Hernia Help – for babies. Take daily for 1 week then 1 a week for 4.



Standard Insert Page, Zipper Wallet


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