Hot Spot Relief Dog Spritz


Directions: Use Method 1 three (3) times a day for 1 week and leave in the water using Method 3. Repeat as needed. Be sure to detox dog with D-1 formula and support good assimilation with D-3 Pro Vitality.

1 Ounce: Approx 100 Spritzes

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Remedies are in a spritz bottle dispensing a fine mist spray used in the mouth for sure application of the remedy. If your dog is opposed to this procedure you may spritz your finger and rub it in their cheek. This is way easier than keeping track of a pellet which could fall out of the mouth without noticing diminishing the effectiveness and evaluation of results.


For medication when problem is not a crisis but for long term care. One spritz orally once a day or once a week as directed.


To prepare the remedy for this method, obtain a 16-ounce water bottle with a lid.  Spritz inside the bottle and add 8 ounces of clean water (the cleanest you have, i.e. reverse osmosis, distilled, or if all you have is tap water, use that).  Shake and pound the water against your palm 20 times, then add this water to the animal’s water dish and fill with common drinking water for your dog(s).  This is the way to use Dog-3 Turbo Pro Vitality  to message the body to use minerals, which promotes good assimilation of minerals in foods and supplements.  Another use of remedies in water would be if you are not at home to dispense a healing/pain reliever like Injury Combo which should/could be used multiple times a day, when they have access to drinking water.  Do not put the remedies on food, please!

The custom formulas are available in a concentrated form in a SPRITZ (fine mist sprayer). The 1 oz. spritz contains 100 doses of remedy if “spritzed” directly from the bottle to the animal at 25 cents per dose. Used in water for method 3 a dose cost is pennies. Bulk quantity in a ½ pint is available for professionals and kennels at additional economy.

Ingredients: Homeopath Ellen’s Turbo® proprietary formulas of quality HPUS homeopathic remedies in 30c and or 200c potencies held stable in a minimum of 20% alcohol and distilled water.

All proprietary remedy formulations have produced reliable results. If the remedy fails to be effective, a consultation for your animal’s unique situation is recommended.


Veterinary services providing diagnostics, testing and prognosis are not replaced in these protocols.


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