Child Immunization Options Class – Orange County, CA in January 2017 – Call to Register


Homeopathic Prophylaxis (HP) is an internationally popular and proven method of protection against infectious disease. It is safe, effective, and has no side effects. There are no toxins, preservatives, chemicals, or pathological particles. It works by naturally educating your child’s immune system to recognize and combat disease.

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In good faith we vaccinate our families, community and especially our children. We want this protection to have zero side effects, both physically and mentally, while giving us peace of mind that we as parents did the right thing. The truth, however, is far from this perception of safety. In an attempt to protect our child, we actually compromise the entire population of kids. Since the increase from 6 vaccines in 1960 to more than 70 in 2015, our kids have been historically sick in more than epidemic proportions. When we count all the sick kids we include asthma, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, crones, IBS, juvenile onset diabetes and rheumatic arthritis, ADD, ADHD, autism, OCD, seizure disorders, behavior extremes, other learning and developmental disorders, we are medicating over 50% of our children. Obviously damage is not limited to the commonly acknowledged autistic spectrum. This immune insult of diseased material (live or dead) is ignored as a threat while misdirected to the diversion of the additionally wicked additives.

In this class we will be discussing options for protection known as homeopathic prophylaxis and a detoxing program of previous vaccine assaults in an attempt to do repair and restorative treatment.

Join us for this discussion including the state of chaos we are in, and a plan of action. You will realize that out of fear of a fever, rash, or common snotty nose, we have gone off the deep end with chronic disease consequences.

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