Cell Salt Combo Pellets


Help you body be efficient! Use minerals efficiently.

*** MUST HAVE ***

Why this product? Consuming minerals, like calcium for bone health, may not be absorbed. This is the remedy to increase use and balanced absorption of minerals, including moving iron out of the liver and diminishing anemia.

0.5 Ounce
Over 300 doses


Contains 13 cell salts: Calc c, f, s, p, Kali c, s, p, Nat m, s, p, Silicia, Ferr phos, Mag phos.

Directions: Use 1 pellet (1 dose under tongue) daily following meals or supplements to facilitate your body’s use of minerals, enhancing your investment when minerals are put to better use.

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of homeopathic HPUS remedies in 6c potency for fast action.