Immune Boost (Homeopathic Prophylaxis) Dog Spritz


This remedy may be used with the initial dose of Dog-1 Immune Detox. This remedy covers the following protection: Brucellosis, TB, White Muscle Disease, Pneumonia & Johne’s, Anthrax & BVD.

Directions: 1 dose initially. 1 dose for new animals. Second dose before season change preceding cold weather to protect them. Use Method 1.

1 Ounce: Approx 100 Spritzes

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ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Remedies are in a spritz bottle dispensing a fine mist spray used in the mouth for sure application of the remedy. If your dog is opposed to this procedure you may spritz your finger and rub it in their cheek.  This is way easier than keeping track of a pellet which could fall out of the mouth without noticing diminishing the effectiveness and evaluation of results.


FOR MEDICATION WHEN PROBLEM IS NOT A CRISIS, BUT FOR LONG-TERM CARE. 1 spritz orally 1 a day or 1 a week as directed for each formula.  Remedies work from a mucus membrane absorbed quickly (handy by mouth).  Do not use the remedies in food which go directly to the stomach.


FOR MEDICATING AN INDIVIDUAL ANIMAL THAT NEEDS IMMEDIATE CARE. This is always the fastest acting and most direct method. Results should be obvious and signs of improvement begin from 10 minutes to 2-3 days. Spray from the ready-to-use spritz bottle directly onto the mouth of the animal. Use a spritz every 5 minutes 3 times in a row. Repeat 1 spritz 3 more times 20 minutes to one hour later. Repeat again when you are checking on pet status looking for obvious signs of improvement. Signs of improvement will be general energy increased, discharge or fever reduced, improved breathing, willing to eat or drink, etc. Keep this up for 3-5 days as long as you see improvement every day. If you don’t see improvement you have selected the incorrect remedy.

Help is available for making an additional selection by calling the office or one of our field experts. Please describe the symptoms of your pet literally (like green watery diarrhea or bad breath smelling like dead meat or lying on the cold floor) as opposed to the name of the disease, as it is more effective for selecting the correct remedy.


This formula is for providing homeopathic disease prevention without conventional vaccines. One direct dose using Method 2 at 25 cents per dose provides protection without creating an antibody (beneficial) and without side effects. This should be done annually and a Rabies Booster Spritz repeated if you live in an area threatened with a rabies outbreak in squirrels, raccoons or wild animals. Homeopathic protection comes without the side effects known commonly as vaccinosis by stimulating immune response through the nervous system. This homeopathic method is safe, non-toxic to the dog and to those who handle the dog exposed to skin and saliva.

Rabies is typically the only conventional vaccine that is required by law to minimize your liability should your dog aggress against another animal or human. Rabies conventional vaccine can last years or potentially a lifetime. Many states allow a titer test to establish if your dog has active antibodies. This antibody qualifies as a waiver- exemption of additional immunization. The differing states may offer an extended rabies certificate lasting 3 to 5 years vs. annually (immunized whether they need it or not). The downside of this titer test is the cost. Expense of the titer test often exceeds the actual shot. So why minimize repeated immunization? Because over-vaccination contributes to a syndrome known as vaccinosis which is early onset of chronic disease and autoimmune dysfunction. Animals today have chronic debilitating diseases necessitating treatment or diminished life quality. (This same issue is occurring in our children being over-immunized! Homeopathic prophylaxis disease protection does not create vaccinosis. Additionally, homeopathic prophylaxis does not create shedding of disease contaminating you, your children or family members through the skin or saliva. The remedy is also safe to handle.

The custom formulas are available in a concentrated form in a SPRITZ (fine mist sprayer). The 1 oz. spritz contains 100 doses of remedy if “spritzed” directly from the bottle to the animal at 25 cents per dose. Used in water for method 3 a dose cost is pennies. Bulk quantity in a ½ pint is available for professionals and kennels at additional economy.

Ingredients: Homeopath Ellen’s Turbo® proprietary formulas of quality HPUS homeopathic remedies in 30c and or 200c potencies held stable in a minimum of 20% alcohol and distilled water.

All proprietary remedy formulations have produced reliable results. If the remedy fails to be effective, a consultation for your animal’s unique situation is recommended.


Veterinary services providing diagnostics, testing and prognosis are not replaced in these protocols.