Immunize Boost (Homeopathic Prophylaxis) Cat Spritz


This remedy may be used with the initial 3 doses of Cat-1 Immune Detox. Homeopathic Prophylaxis covering: Rabies, Upper Resp, Leukemia, Influ/Distemper.

Directions: 1 dose bi-annually. Use Method 3.

0.5 Ounce: Approx 75 Spritzes

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THIS METHOD IS FOR MAINTENANCE AND PREVENTION (see Method 2 for urgency): To prepare the remedy for this method, obtain a 16 ounce water bottle with a lid. Spritz inside the bottle and add 8 oz. of clean water (the cleanest you have, i.e. reverse osmosis, distilled or if all you have is tap water, use that). Shake and pound the water against your palm 10 times. Then add this water to the animal water dish and fill with common drinking water for the cat/cats. This is the way to use Turbo® Cat-3 Pro Vitality to message the body to use minerals, which promotes good assimilation of minerals in foods and supplements. Another use of remedies in water would be if you’re not at home to dispense a healing/pain reliever like Injury Combo which should be/could be used multiple times a day, when they have access to drinking water. Do not put the remedies on food please.

The custom formulas are available in a concentrated form in a SPRITZ (fine mist sprayer). The .5 oz. spritz contains approximately 75 doses of remedy if “spritzed” directly from the bottle to the animal at 30 cents per dose. Used in water for Method 3, a dose cost is pennies. Bulk quantity in a ½ pint is available for professionals and kennels at additional economy. These Turbo® remedy combinations have been in use for 20 years, producing good results and are now available to you for use. Safe. easy, drug free and highly effective to use.

Ingredients: Homeopath Ellen’s Turbo® proprietary formulas of quality HPUS homeopathic remedies in 30c and or 200c potencies held stable in a minimum of 20% alcohol and distilled water.

All proprietary remedy formulations have produced reliable results. If the remedy fails to be effective, a consultation for your animal’s unique situation is recommended.