Why 1x tonics? “Hahnemann, the Genius of Homeopathy, was able to ask and answer so many questions about genetic predisposition, influences on health, causes of disease and the consequence of suppression. The homeopathic tools were utilized to empower movement out of a diseased or miserable state. But could I do minimizeion? Might the signs and warnings of symptoms give me clues to avoid a dis-eased state?

I use 1x tonics as a supportive treatment for a know weakness. Once we identify and validate the origin of the weakness, we can select herbal 1x tonics to provide support and minimizeion. 1x tonics build and fortify weak and vulnerable lungs, heart, kidneys, liver, bones and joints, nervous system, etc.

I have utilized my homeopathic clinical experience in selecting and blending my organic herbal 1x tonics with the most indicated remedies to heighten their effectiveness and assimilation, making these 1x tonics unique to my Homeopathic Counseling practice.” -Ellen Bench

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