Topical and Oral Use SPRITZ (SPRAY) – Spritz or Fine mist Spray is really handy. This option is great for those who have difficulty opening and manipulating the small bottle of pellets and the tiny homeopathic pellet. The remedy has dual use. One use topically on the area of complaint like a bug bite or sun burn. The second is orally and preferable under your tongue for system wide relief. Like a sun burn, surgery, accident or eczema which affects a large or wide area and depth internal and external the oral remedy can take action on the totality immediately. It is handy and easy to use. Some formulas use a Calendula 1x Tonic base which is soothing to burns while others are in an ethanol base and can sting for a moment. So be wise and select according the appropriate method for the situation. Calendula cream as an example is way nicer on an episiotomy than spritz of alcohol based Calendula 1x Tonic with 20% alcohol!! For skin conditions that cover huge areas –you couldn’t use enough cream but the oral spritz can provide system wide relief for itching as an example.

There are approx. 100 spritzes in the handy bottle.

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