Our Team

Lauren Blackwell - Customer Service and Operations Manager

Lauren also supports customer questions about homeopathic solutions to challenges and crisis alike. She ensures orders get processed always prioritizing for those in need of special attention with compassion and efficiency. We are grateful for her organizational and homeopathic skills. She maintains and manages all the operational functions of this busy multi-service business.

Kelly Indreland - Tech Support

Tech support, and backup for any and all computer functions, which include class webinars, email, product and catalogs, labels and updates. Kelly also troubleshoots and supports the necessary function of our equipment for shipping and production. 

"Kelly, help! The system is down." we rely on Kelly to keep functional!

Amie Morton - Amie is in training for customer service and order processing.

We are happy to have Amie on our team. She assists with production labeling and stocking. She is always helpful and on board to assist you. She loves to help clients and customers with orders and updates.

Kathleen Sobotka - Kathleen continues to provide support for clients and tutorials for students in the college program.

 She is the primary backup in Ellen's absences when she is traveling, as well as being knowledgeable for herd animals challenges. Kathleen has been instrumental in building and supporting all services in the Midwest, especially in Nebraska, Minnesota, Iowa, and Kansas. 

We are lucky to have her on our team.