NEWS!!! REGARDING ZIKA VIRUS: This remedy has been formulated to offer the best protection available at this time. My recommendation is: take 1 dose a month while you feel the ZIKA VIRUS is a threat. If you are traveling to a vulnerable zone, please increase the dosage to 1 dose a week for 4 weeks before travel and 1 dose a week until you return.

This remedy is made from a proprietary blend of remedies to act as prevention labeled ZIKA Simillimum HP Combo. ZIKA is not an entirely new virus but part of a group of a familiar family including: Yellow Fever, Dengue, and Herpes 5 known as Cytomegalie, West Nile, and Japanese Encephalitis.

The CDC symptoms include: Fever, Rash, Joint pains, & Pink Eye symptoms. Also noted is 80% of those infected have no symptoms & note these symptoms, in the US, are generally referred to as the “FLU”.
The Pink Eye Symptom is currently significant because Pink Eye symptoms have dramatically increased due to the use of the Chicken Pox vaccine (Herpes virus also). Our office has specific a Pink Eye remedy for resolution which will be effective for both ZIKA and POX.

Also note that microcephaly is a symptom in our Materia Medica of the remedies; Rabies, DP and Cytomegalie (Herpes 5), not exclusive of ZIKA.

The human body can be supported to fight virus by supplementing Vitamins A, C, & D. Avoid pain relievers, sugar, and processed foods to the best of your ability. Also avoid routinely suppressing fevers. Add Homeopathic Ellen’s Turbo® Cell Salt Combo to boost assimilation of the above supplements and minerals while aiding in bug bite prevention tactics.

Homeopathic methods of prevention for past infectious diseases; such as Cholera, Influenza, Malaria, Listeria, Scarlet Fever and all children’s infectious disease threats, have been highly successful. Results have been published in public records proven highly effective for over 100 years. Remedies as homeopathic prophylaxis are also safe and free of damaging adjuncts for all ages.

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Many other homeopathic immunizations are available for the other world disease threats. Additional research is recommended. An alternative immunization class is taught in your community or ask for a book list of well documented research to facilitate an informed decision for you and your family.

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