My Homeopathy Story

I signed up for a Homeopathy class through my massage therapy school. (I had been to a few homeopathic practitioners in the past but didn’t really understand what it was about.) The class met and exceeded my expectations. I am very logically minded. Everything Ellen presented was concrete and made sense. My entire perception of health, medicine, and healing changed.

I became so excited about Homeopathy and the potential it has for me; personally. I made an appointment with Ellen when she mentioned she had some time.

I have struggled with anger and even rage for as ‘long as I can remember. I also have Autistic tendencies, especially in the area of sensory processing. Specifically – I have struggled with bright lights and certain sounds. I have had an extremely sensitive sense of smell forever. I NEVER liked to be touched, unless it was on my terms. These and other challenges have significantly affected me throughout my life and my own family dynamic.

After taking the remedy Ellen suggested, I felt changes, happening within my body within minutes. AMAZING!! Very real sensations and reactions! But while I felt “stuff’ going on, I didn’t think l felt “that “different. J returned home and began noticing that I wasn’t angry at every little thing my kids did. I wasn’t as bothered by all the sensory bombardment I usually feel. Intimacy and cuddles are now enjoyable!

I noticed results the very first day and I have been experiencing further improvements in the 2 weeks since my appointment with Ellen. I used to feel like an emotional Richter scale with major earthquakes every day. I now feel more stable and in control of myself. My rage is GONE! I am no longer incessantly distracted by my sensory struggles. My tolerance has improved greatly.

In addition to emotional improvements, I have experienced physical relief as well. I have had mid back pain for several years. My back no longer bothers me!?!?!? I have varicose veins and long and heavy menses. I have noticed there is much less pain associated varicose veins. Also, my last period was surprisingly lighter and a bit shorter.

Just stating my experience with homeopathy brings tears to my eyes. Homeopathy is REAL!!! Addressing the true cause of my outwardly manifested issues has been a most enlightening adventure. My life has improved in very real and tangible ways: in ways that I never thought possible.

Thank you so much Ellen!

~JL, Utah

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