My friend had a miraculous turn of events.

I recently attended Ellen’s Family I class and decided to invest in the Family I, II kits. In reading the pamphlets certain ones would strongly impress themselves on my mind more than others immediately, one of them being the remedy for strokes. I have an 82 yr. old friend I look in on and spend time with. This last Sunday I went over early as she didn’t answer either time I had called earlier in the day. I found her on her back lying in front of the washer/dryer machines. At first I thought the worst had happened and after calling her name a few times she responded. I called 911 and they thought she had experienced a stroke. After the ambulance picked her up I made sure I had the stroke remedy with me. At the hospital, it was confirmed she’d had a stroke first and that’s what caused the fall. My friend had been on her back in the garage for approximately 24 hours so they said there was nothing they could do, the 3-hour window of opportunity had passed and all they could do was assess her degree of deficit. My friend had been through a terrible trauma as we also experienced a terrible thunderstorm that day as well as everything else.

At the ER room I was able to slip the remedy for strokes one time in her mouth. That was all I could manage safely. I figured it was in the hands of God if it would help. I feel even this one dose helped her to be conscious and alert enough to state to the doctor directly what her wishes were. She was placed in hospice that night. I left her about 1am once she was settled in her room and a wonderful nurse had come in and started her assessment.

The next day I arrived at about 8am. My friend was not able to swallow so was not allowed to drink but could use those sponge sticks to wet her mouth. I was able to dilute a stroke remedy pill in a small glass of water and gave her three sponges soaked in it over the course of an hour. She was able to sleep the rest of the day and night.

The next day about 11am I received a call from the hospice liaison saying that my friend had a miraculous turn of events and that she was awake, alert, could talk (albeit much differently than her pre-stroke self), could understand and wanted to go home! I was able to make it back by 2pm and it was true that she had regained quite a bit of function that was not “in the books”. She was moved from hospice to the next level of care up and is going to a skilled nursing facility next and hopefully home in two weeks with the help of caregivers.

~ E. F., California

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