Injury Combo

One year ago, our daughter fell off her pony and broke her arm just above the elbow. Our local hospital did not have the personnel to set broken bones so it took about four hours before we got to a doctor who could set her arm. After that elapse in time, we were told that the swelling would probably be so bad that our daughter would need to undergo surgery in order to properly fix the break. However, immediately after the injury, I had given our daughter Self Protect and Injury Combo and when the doctors examined her arm, the swelling was minimal enough that they were able to set her arm with pins instead. Injury Combo works!

Jeana H., Ord, Nebraska

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  1. Injury Combo is a MUST HAVE in everyone’s medicine cabinet (and in everyone’s handbag or briefcase). I’ve used it numerous times after exercising. Using Injury Combo just after a powerful workout prevents the debilitating soreness which follows. How awesome is that!!!

    My dog was running after his companion and slipped, injuring his tendon or ligament. He stood there whining and holding his leg up. I instantly ran into the house, got my Injury Combo, administered a pellet to the back of his tongue and within less than a minute he was starting to run again. I made him rest, but the remedy worked miraculously to prevent damage to his connective tissue.

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