Homeopathy Works!

Shortly after the birth of my second child, itchy, water-filled blisters broke out between my fingers and then spread all over my hands and left arm. At night I would wake up because the itching was so intense. I tried antifungal and steroid creams which helped initially but when I stopped using them, the blisters came back worse than before. During this time, my two year old broke out with a bad case of ringworm. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted from caring for two small children and anxious that my new baby would break out with ringworm as well.  After using several steroid cream prescriptions and seeing no improvement, I turned to alternative options and this is when I met Ellen Bench. After taking the remedies Ellen recommended, I noticed little things like the absence of pms symptoms. I started sleeping better at night and felt more calm and confident during the day. Ellen helped my daughter get rid of the ringworm and as these changes took place, the blisters on my hands gradually disappeared. Homeopathy and its ability to heal really intrigued me. I took several of Ellen’s classes and have become a firm believer in homeopathy. In fact, Ellen’s remedies are the only thing we use to prevent and treat common colds and flu. We never go to the doctor’s office anymore and have no need for antibiotics.

Jeana H., Ord, Nebraska

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