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Dog and Cat Family Health Solutions

June 16 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm MDT

There are 3 common reasons for the health challenges and chronic diseases in our pets. The first could be genetics which can be said to set up diseases vulnerabilities.  These vulnerabilities we can strengthened diminishing disease symptoms to a great degree.  The second is diet which is considered something we can adjust depending  on our budget and our knowledge and interest in the contents of prepared food.  The 3rd is vaccination side effects.  Vaccinosis is the most consistent and common detriment to a functional immune system.

All 3 issues above can be supported with HomeopathEllen’s Turbo formulations.

A Healthier Diet  can supply  quality groceries but your pet cannot be guaranteed good assimilation.  Expensive gluten free and dominant protein diets from Nutrish, Dish, Eukanuba, Natures Logic, Blue, Taste of the Wild, Wysong profess to supply superior protein options and less grain and by-products.  Additives of supplements and pro-bionics  are healthy supportive efforts by many food sources.  Enhancing the ability to use this quality nutrition is available with our TURBO PRO-VITALITY homeopathic product for all breeds.  Enhanced assimilation provides maximum value for funds spent on good quality feed. Using nutrients  efficiently is a huge empowerment promoted with our remedy formulation.

Many pet supplements are also available including Dinovite which offers quality results. Increasing the value of Dinovite and other vitamins and minerals for your pets can be enhanced with our TURBO PRO-VITALITY  weekly dosed formula at pennies a dose. The Remedy is dosed from a spritz bottle with 100 doses (a 2 year supply for a great value of $30.)

Disease and reduced immune function is a huge issue.  Using our product called TURBO IMMUNE DETOX can provide an overall lift and efficiency in everyday immunity. The remedy also can diminish disease symptoms aggravated by toxic adjuvants and mutated diseased materials marketed as protection for our pets.  Clean up vaccinated animals and watch them thrive with brighter eyes and enthusiasm.

Genetic weaknesses including ailments  and symptoms of dysplasia in hips can be minimized.  Effective pain relief and improved strength are obvious benefits of our expansive product line.

Customer support for all our TURBO PRODUCTS are available to you. Our product quality and value is unsurpassed.  Let us be of assistance with personal consultations for your pet or family health.



June 16
8:00 am - 5:00 pm