Injury Combo

Shout out to Ellen ‘ s Injury Combo!! Had 2…TWO teeth filled today. Took Injury Como before and during and after and have no residual pain. Thanks Ellen! Peggy H.

Shingles Protect

I contracted HSV1 and HSV2 as a teenager. Over the years I had many outbreaks of HSV on my mouth, buttocks and vagina. After the birth of my son the outbreaks on my vagina increased. I sought out the help of doctors as well as holistic health practitioners. I was given prescriptions of valtrex and…


Awesome toothpaste! Flavor is great and leaves my teeth feeling smooth! Best part is I don’t have to worry about it affecting any remedies I take! – Natasha K.

Allergy Relief

Great affirmation today from Beth re:allergy relief. She is ecstatic with your remedies. – Peggy H.

Birthing Kit Testimonial

My midwife was extremely impressed and said she hasn’t seen someone make so much progress in just a few days. ~Natasha K.


• People (teachers and speech therapist) keep stopping me to tell me how well my (autistic) son is doing! (3 weeks following remedy) K.M. of Missoula • I brought my daughter to see Ellen after getting no relief from high fever with delirium, severe stomach gas and cramping, severe sore throat, profuse mucous and stuffiness…

2013 Summer Retreat

Ellen, Even though the June Retreat was a month ago I still think about it often.The subject animal kingdom was fantastic, I have been wanting to learn more about the subject and be able to use the animal remedies. The note book you put together for us, was a work of art, categorizing the different groups with pertinent information…

WAPF and Homeopathy Are Life-Changing!

Some things in life prove to be major positive influences. For our family two of these are the Weston A Price Foundation and homeopathy. Concerned about the rise of chronic illness and degenerative disease, we had been trying to eat better but were discouraged that there was so much contradictory advice on what was good…

It’s Truly Stunning!

Dear Ellen, First, I would like to thank you for all your help and knowledge! I can’t thank you enough!